The Build-to-Rent (BTR) market in the UK represents a growing and significant segment of the residential property sector. This model caters to the increasing demand for high-quality, professionally managed rental accommodation, driven by shifting housing preferences, the affordability of home ownership, and demographic changes.

The sector has seen substantial investment from both domestic and international investors, drawn by the UK's stable property market, the potential for steady rental yields, and the long-term growth prospects of the BTR segment. Government support, through planning reforms and incentives, has also played a role in encouraging the development of BTR projects as a means to help address the country's housing shortage.

Despite challenges such as regulatory changes and economic uncertainties, the BTR market in the UK continues to expand, with a significant pipeline of developments underway. This growth reflects broader trends towards urbanisation and the evolving preferences of renters, positioning BTR as a pivotal element of the future UK housing landscape.

This year RESi360 will incorporate a large emphasis on build-to-rent with a BTR360 stage dedicated to this thriving sector, with themes in discussion to include:

Market Dynamics and Growth Prospects

Investment and Financing Models

Design, Development, and Construction

Regulatory Environment and Policy Impact

Tenant Experience and Community Building

Operational Challenges and Best Practices

*Topics are subject to change