John German, Invesco
John German
Managing Director

John German is a Managing Director in the Alternative Investment Team at Invesco Real Estate (IRE). John is responsible for spearheading the firm’s European residential expertise and investments in Europe for global institutional investors and for assisting in the development of strategies within the alternatives sectors.

Since his arrival at Invesco Real Estate, the firm has concluded several European residential investments and student in the UK, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, France, Ireland, Denmark Italy and the Czech Republic. This is building on IRE’s existing expertise in the multi-family sector in the US and Asia where IRE has over 30 years’ experience. It is one of few real estate managers able to offer global residential expertise.

John began his investment career in 1987 and joined Invesco Real Estate in 2013. Prior to joining Invesco, he spent 12 years at Grosvenor, where he was the head of residential strategy and was previously at Aberdeen Property Investors as director of residential fund management. In these roles, John raised, invested and managed c.€200m in two residential funds on behalf of UK and European institutional investors. John has over 36 years’ residential industry experience covering transactions, developments, valuations as well as asset and property management on behalf of institutional investors. He is also skilled in investment in the wider universe of the student and serviced apartment sectors.

John earned a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Rural Land Management and is a member of the British Property Federation (BPF) Residential Committee. At Invesco Real Estate. He is based in London.