The 360 Leaders Round Tables provide a unique opportunity to connect with industry colleagues.

Join a discussion on a topic where your expertise is relevant or where you'd like to gain deeper insights and build a stronger network. Choose a topic and table and get connected. Each table will bring together 10-12 engaged delegates.

Tailor your event: Choose a focused round table discussion that deepens your knowledge on the topics you need.

1. Retrofitting: Bridging the Information Gap

Reducing emissions and ultimately energy consumption is an imperative, but the enormity of the challenge is significant. How can the transformation be funded and financed, do we have the infrastructure to retrofit at scale and what are the appropriate measures to benchmark success?

2. How can Residential Real Estate and Tech Providers Collaborate More Effectively?

3. Is Finance Wholly Responsible for Barriers in the UK Rental Market?

A shortage of affordable housing units has pushed more people into the private rental market, with demand now heavily outstripping supply. But what are the main challenges facing the sector? Is it developers struggling to find the right type of funding, or are there other factors that are having a bigger impact than this? Join this roundtable discussion to have your say and find out.

4. How can the Public Realm Nurture More Diverse and Healthier Communities?
5. BTR Viability in an Unviable Market

6. How Smart is Too Smart? The Reality of Smart Tech in New Homes

7. Consumer Expectations and Behaviours – What You Need to Know Now

8. Fast-Build Modular Homes – Truly Sustainable?
9. Student Accommodation Spotlight

10. Institutional Investment in the Residential Sector

What needs to be done to increase the role institutional investment plays in delivering more new homes of all tenures? What can we learn from recent partnerships to introduce more institutional investment in the supply of new homes?

11. Decent Homes for All – An Impossible Dream?

12. Money No Object – Inside the Super Prime Market

13. Rent vs. Ownership – What Will Win Out in the Next Decade?

14. Beyond Boundaries – Women in Property Meet-Up

15. Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities of Electric Vehicle Charging for Apartment Blocks

As EV adoption continues apace, residents in apartment blocks are at risk of being left behind; more than 70% say they would subscribe to a dedicated EV charger in their parking space. Join this roundtable to discuss the challenges around installing the EV charging infrastructure to existing and new blocks and how we can work together to solve them.

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