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Build Back Better – Creating a roadmap to being a ‘Better Business’

There are growing expectations from consumers, communities, investors, policy makers and colleagues for businesses to show that they’re having a positive impact on society and the environment. So how should a company respond?

Mike, a determined change agent, kicks of the session by exploring how to #BuildBackBetter and the practicalities involved in creating the right corporate strategy, targets and engagements to secure future prosperity.

He is joined by Bukky, Elly and Emma who share what their organisations are doing on the ground to shape their sustainable future. Together they’ll challenge us to confront the mindset change needed to bring climate and ESG policy from the business periphery to its heart. Their case study presentations demonstrating the strategies these companies have adopted, what is achievable and overcoming some of the challenges faced in progressing with the sustainability agenda.

Group Sustainability Director
Barratt Developments
Group Director of Assets
Notting Hill Genesis (NHG)
Managing Director
Exeter City Living
Strategic Advisor
Instinctif Partners & former Director Sustainable Business M&S