2019 Agenda


If you hail from the residential sector or you are looking to diversify with mixed-use schemes in the future, you can’t afford to miss the RESI Convention.  Join the debate as we look ahead to what the future holds for our ‘brave new mixed-up world’, examining the residential sector in the context of the whole property market. Hear from the heavy hitters and disrupters driving change and build relationships new and old at the industry's premier event.

Find out the answers to the big questions that will shape your investment, financing and planning decisions, including:

  • What will the resi-led mixed-use scheme of the future look like?
  • Has affordable modular’s time finally come?
  • What will be the impact of AI and emerging technologies?
  • What’s the right tenure mix - and level of affordable and social housing?
  • What makes a great public private partnership?
  • How can SMEs access finance more easily?

It's the most ambitious, exciting and inclusive RESI Convention yet!  Find out who's speaking > 

Day 1

Meet your Future Partner

An exclusive networking opportunity for SME developers, landowners and local authorities looking to unlock small sites for residential development, brought to you by Barclays Corporate Banking.

Registration opens: RESI 2019 delegates
RESI orientation: NEW FOR 2019

First time at RESI? Experiencing fear of missing out? Join us for a special orientation session during which we will walk and talk you through this year’s agenda, Marketplace exhibitors and networking opportunities. We will also flag up exciting initiatives not to be missed such as our new Alternatives Stream, sponsored by Osborne Clarke, new facilitated networking opportunities and a new Property Week campaign. 

RESI 2019 Opens

Welcome to RESI 2019 from chair and host, Mark Easton, Home editor, BBC News, with Property Week Editor, Liz Hamson

Chair and host Mark Easton turns the tables on Property Week Editor Liz Hamson and quizzes her on the theme, new features and highlights of RESI 2019.

RESI Trailblazers 2019

Property Week editor, Liz Hamson and James Gray, Cluttons introduce RESI Trailblazers, followed by the Big Reveal.

Last year, we revealed our inaugural list of RESI Trailblazers, the resi rising stars who had come to the fore in the previous 12 months. Join us as we unveil this year’s Trailblazers, as nominated by readers, last year’s Trailblazers and our RESI Senate. After the big reveal, hear from this year’s inspirational speaker and network with our Trailblazers and members of the RESI Senate.

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Opening keynote

Official conference welcome reception; including the RESI Trailblazers and RESI Senate

Day 2

Morning sessions commence

Location: The Caernarfon Suite

Welcome from RESI 2019 chair and host: Mark Easton, Home Editor, BBC News 

Keynote: ‘Surviving AI’

Best-selling author and AI expert Calum Chase sets the scene by looking at the impact of AI and related technologies on the residential sector over the next two decades.

Keynote: Market overview

Savills’ research team is the largest of its kind in the UK. In this session, associate director Lawrence Bowles will deliver business-critical insight on market drivers, dynamics and other variables shaping the delivery of housing in the UK. Question Time: It’s all in the mix – but how mixed-use can we go? The housing sector has been hailed as the solution to the retail crisis and vice versa. But housebuilders and residential developers are not just working with retail landlords, they are increasingly partnering with office and industrial players as well as local authorities to deliver the truly mixed-use, community-focused schemes people are demanding. Hear some the biggest names from across the property spectrum and beyond as they debate the challenges and opportunities presented by mixed-use.

Morning networking and refreshments break

Location: The Marketplace

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Alternatives stream, brought to you by Osborne Clarke

Location: The Marketplace, Speakers Corner

Sessions continue

Location: The Caernarfon Suite

Keynote address: Kit Malthouse, Minister of State for Housing and Planning

Panel debate: Has affordable modular’s time finally come?

There has been much talk about modular, but to date, it has not been delivered at scale in the UK, cost and quality concerns being among the main prohibitors, alongside a far from conducive planning regime. But with recent deals such as the £100m JV between Places for People and ilk and the £90m tie-up between leading Japanese modular company, Sekisui House, Urban Splash and Homes England, could we finally have reached a tipping point? Has the door been opened to more modular and therefore more affordable modular? Could we about to see the return of the council prefab? We pit modular’s pioneers against its doubters.

Case study: Delivering the right tenure mix in the regions

Question Time: How can we create more civil partnerships?

Mixed-use, multi-tenure and intergenerational schemes are complex to design, finance and deliver. Their success depends on strong public private partnerships, often not just between two but between multiple entities – entities that might have very different aspirations, especially when it comes to the thorny issue of affordable housing. What does a good partnership look like? How can the aspirations of developers, investors, local authorities and housing associations be aligned? How can partnerships engage more effectively with the communities at the heart of these complex new schemes? What needs to be done to deliver the required level of affordable housing?

Keynote: Are housebuilders hooked on Help to Buy?

Some argue that Help to Buy has become the opioid of the residential sector. However, others highlight its benefits, noting that in some parts of the country virtually all new-build sales are supported by Help to Buy. We assess the pros and cons of Help to Buy and ask how developers are planning to wean themselves off and what comes next? Could shared ownership be the next big thing?

Networking lunch

Location: The Marketplace

Visit our RESI Convention partners and exhibitors to find the latest products and services and make new connections. View more >

Alternatives stream, brought to you by Osborne Clarke

Location: The Marketplace, Speakers Corner

14:00 - 15:15            Afternoon sessions commence

                                            Location: The Caernarfon Suite

Concurrent In Focus sessions:

What tenants want – the intergeneration game

How are needs and expectations changing? We hear from the horse’s mouth what BTR tenants from across the generations want and expect in terms of amenities, services and the accommodation itself.

How do we get co-living to live up to expectations?

On paper, it is supposed to be more lucrative than BTR. But is it the amazing goldmine it is made out to be? How much demand really is there? More importantly, is it actually buildable? Without a use class, how do we get co-living schemes past planning and investment committees and turn them into reality?

Is the pricing right?

As more BTR comes on stream, notional pricing can finally be compared with reality. So, do the numbers stack up? Having started out as a high-end product, will BTR now evolve to include more affordable options? Experts debate the lessons learned from the BTR schemes that are now up and running.

BTR vs other asset classes

BTR returns are notoriously low – developers struggle to compete against housebuilders for sites and income yields are low. How do investors make BTR work?

PRS vs home-ownership

The amount of private rental housing has doubled in the last 15 years or so – at the expense of home ownership and social housing. The upshot is that there are currently almost four million people in rental housing who want to own their own home. The HFI wants to reframe the debate to focus on the type of housing most likely to result in the best outcomes for people and the country as a whole. So, what needs to be done to redress the balance and ensure good, affordable homes are available to all?

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Financing emerging residential sectors

Debt availability has improved significantly for BTR, but what about newer, less established sectors like co-living and retirement living? Are there additional considerations for lenders?

London’s stalling

How are lenders and borrowers coping in the London market, where sales rates have slowed and values have fallen? How has the slowdown affected the availability of debt? Is the rise of BTR providing developers with a way to sell remaining units and pay back lenders?

Ask the expert:

How to access finance if you’re an SME

Afternoon refreshments and networking

Location: The Marketplace

Visit our RESI Convention partners and exhibitors to find the latest products and services and make new connections. View more >

Alternatives stream, brought to you by Osborne Clarke

Location: The Marketplace, Speakers Corner

Concurrent In Focus sessions:

Above and beyond

Necessity is the mother of invention and the combination of a housing crisis and limited development land has prompted a wave of innovation in the past year. Airspace development; beds & sheds; beds, meds & sheds; modular units in shopping centres; modular above carparks – you name it, it’s being tried. We take a look at the latest innovations in residential development and ask if they have the power to truly disrupt.

Ask the expert

Building a Safer Future

The Grenfell tragedy shone the spotlight on property management and health & safety and exposed serious weaknesses not just in social housing but in the private sector. The government is introducing a new regulatory framework to improve fire safety in high-rise blocks following the Hackitt Review last year. How prepared is the private sector? 

Accelerating land assembly: to CPO or not to CPO?

Compulsory purchase orders are a controversial way of assembling land. Some experts argue they are essential to unlock challenging sites, others that they divide and ostracise the very communities they are being used to regenerate. Are they a necessary evil or can they be avoided through a partnership approach and proper community engagement?

PDR: a double-edged sword

Many local authorities sought exemptions from office to resi permitted development rights. What impact will the latest extension of PDR have now retail and takeaways can also be converted to housing?

Beds vs sheds

The race for space is hotting up, especially in urban locations. Who’s winning the race: industrial or residential developers? Is there a way both can win? How do agencies adjust to the new mixed-use reality and the imperative to switch from being specialists to generalists?

Concurrent In Focus Sessions:

This year, we unveiled our second cohort of RESI Trailblazers – an incredibly diverse group that belie the notion that property is the preserve of the pale, male and stale. But what does it take to get ahead if you’re not from that demographic? How can we improve the sector’s diversity beyond simply increasing the number of women in the sector to ensure the sector is diverse in the widest possible sense? A panel of Trailblazers talk about the challenges they overcame to make it in residential property.

Drinks reception

Location: Platinum Lounge 

Network, network, network as you enjoy pre-dinner canapes and drinks

Gala Dinner

Location: Caernarfon Suite

Dinner and entertainment will take place back in the main conference room, transformed for the night’s dining and entertainment.

RESI Fest and networking

Location: Terrace BBQ area

It’s time for RESI Fest! Continue networking into the night with delegates, sponsors and speakers for cocktail hour and live music from the RESI band.

Day 3

Networking breakfast

Location: The Marketplace

Visit our RESI Convention partners and exhibitors to find the latest products and services and make new connections. View more >

Chair's opening remarks and morning sessions commence

Location: Caernarfon Suite

Case study

Panel debate: How well are we doing at wellbeing and well buildings?

Before climate change shot up the political and social agenda thanks to schoolgirl activist Greta Thunberg and the Extinction Rebellion, the property industry had already started to raise its game on ESG and social impact. But the focus was largely on commercial property. That is changing rapidly as mixed-use, community-led schemes gain traction. So, what impact will social impact have on resi-led, mixed use development? How should we measure wellbeing and well buildings? Will the sector walk the walk as well as talk the talk?

Design challenge: Visions of a resi-led, mixed-use future

We challenged some of the UK’s top architects to come up with their visions of the residential-led, mixed-use schemes of the future. In this dynamic session, they will pitch their visions to you and an expert panel. The expert panellists will then debate the pros and cons of each scheme – but ultimately it will be up to you to pick what you think is the most compelling vision.

Closing keynote

Chair’s closing remarks

Networking lunch and close

Please note: Information correct at time of publishing. Programme and speakers subject to change.