Monday 19 September

19:00 Supper at the Royal Lancaster London – Nine Kings Suite

On this solemn day, we invite our participants to come together for an informal supper before the official start of RESi360.

All participants in London on the day are invited and we hope to welcome many of you. 

Day 1


Early registration - enjoy tea & coffee refreshments while meeting other delegates.

Welcome from RESi360 chair

Award-winning broadcaster, writer and BBC Home Editor Mark Easton sets the scene for a RESi360 exploration of the UK’s residential property sector as it squares up to the post-pandemic environment.

Home Editor
Are we in for a rude awakening?

2021 and 2022 saw unprecedented changes as the property world navigated through the implications of Brexit, Covid-19 and the Russia/Ukraine war, coupled with inflation and economic turmoil. But are there longer term implications for the resi sector? Lawrence Bowles, Director of Residential Research for Savills kicks off the day with this top-rated and insightful session on where the market is today.

Resilience in the face of war, pestilence and inflation?

The renowned RESi360 CEO panel is once again on schedule to review and reflect on the likely business outcomes of the trends presented by Lawrence in our opening session. Contributors include Clarion CEO, Clare Miller, Richard Carr, CEO at Fortitudo & Anne Kavanagh, CEO of Telford Homes. They will tackle the impact of everything from the end of Right to Buy, to build cost inflation and the cost of living. Not to be missed.

Telford Homes
Chief Executive
Clarion Housing Group
Chief Executive
Networking session & break

This is your opportunity to experience the breadth of the RESi360 cohort of dynamic leaders.  Check out the first of several dedicated new networking sessions and expand and strengthen your connections across the resi community.  Use the RESi360 event app to find delegates and get connected even faster.

Where is the Metaverse taking us and what can it actually do?

Having emerged from the pandemic emergency can a trip to the Metaverse boost profitability and customer engagement? Beyond direct application within sales and design, what promise does virtual reality hold? As organisations book major architects to design virtual HQs, the panel discuss and explain the future of placemaking in a virtual world and explore the increases in efficiency and creativity that are possible now. From small tweaks to digital real estate and land ownership, we’ll leave no stone unturned.

  • Understand land purchase and leasing
  • Update your knowledge of metaverse opportunities across the world
  • Grapple with the commercial reality and the products, from smart glasses to existing augmented reality tools, that support your engagement with it.
Aukett Swanke
Head of Partnerships
Founder and CEO
What comes after the ‘Race for Space’ and are we ready?

The record-breaking residential market has been supported by a lack of stock and by consumer behaviour. Using the latest data, Tim analyses the trends that led us here and what we should be preparing for in 2023. The audience are also invited to participate in our biggest benchmarking survey to date as we vote on the trends most likely to impact our sector.

  • Changes in buyer search behaviour and what that might imply for growth and contraction across the sector
  • Analysis of new homes vs resale searches by demographic: A unique insight into the changing preferences of your core audience.
  • Assessment of mismatches in demand and supply: Are there new geographies for BTR?
Director of Property Science and Innovation
Case studies from the latest in tech

Our technology experts share the trends they’re observing, the data they’re gathering and the surprising opportunities you might be leaving on the table.

Dynamic Pricing – decisions supported by data

Lee discusses how he has implemented a Revenue Management solution to one of JLL’s Build to Rent sites in Manchester. He will cover the impact on his team, his customers and the overall performance of the asset.

With Lee Hill Director of Residential Capital Markets JLL & Jon Gittins,  Revenue Management, RealPage

How 3D visualisation will accelerate your sales and marketing strategies

The coronavirus crisis compelled many real estate agencies to change the way they sell and market properties. The most innovative quickly adopted 3d models as a way to carry out remote viewings. Their experience has shown that Digital Twins can significantly improve the way that properties are sold and marketed.

James will showcase examples of how leading agencies and portals have improved efficiency, elevated customer service and won more listings by innovative use of virtual technology. 

 James Morris Manuel, Managing Director EMEA, Matterport

Saving Time and Money with Bespoke PropTech

Anna takes us on a whistle-stop tour of the role of bespoke PropTech in boosting efficiency, saving time, saving money and connecting with your target market. A valuable insight into options you might not have known were on the table.

With Anna Bollinger, Director and Founder, Appt

Embracing genuine digital change for your buildings and occupiers

With Rob Maxwell, Director, Locale

Networking lunch

Time to recharge your batteries and follow up on the morning's discussions. Enjoy a delicious lunch in a sophisticated setting and connect or reconnect with your industry colleagues. Afterwards, grab a coffee and head to the Showcase area to explore and maybe even play with some hot new tech!

360 Leaders Round Tables - Networking & Learning Session

The 360 Leaders Round Tables provide a unique opportunity to connect with industry colleagues about what matters to you most. Join a discussion on a topic where your expertise is relevant or where you'd like to gain deeper insights and build a stronger network. Choose a topic and table and get connected. Each table will bring together 10-12 engaged delegates.

1. Housing crisis or climate crisis: do residential developers have to choose?

Hosts: Kat Martindale, Head of ESG Research, Savills • Lawrence Bowles, Director, Residential Research, Savills

2. How will real estate react to a world of higher rates and inflation?

Host: Yuan Sun, Head of Residential Development, RE Capital

3. Implementing 3D visualisation within your existing sales and marketing strategies

Host: James Morris Manuel, Managing Director EMEA, Matterport

4. How has the market turbulence affected the liquidity of debt in the residential development sector?

Host: Adam Buchler, Managing Director, BBS Capital

5. Social Media Strategy: What does it take to get a huge following and is it worth it?

Host: Hannah Ryle, Marketing Manager, Castle Green Homes

6. Supply and demand imbalance – is rental growth sustainable in a cost-of-living crisis?

Host: Bobby Barnett, Partner, Capital Markets, Gerald Eve

7. The lender’s view on the impact of reductions in residual land values, exit yields and value

Host: Joshua Weinstein, Head of Institutional markets, Ask Partners

8. Tools and ideas for offsetting carbon at the end of your project

Host: Elizabeth Jackson, Director, Loft

9. The future of residential development in the face of political, economic, and societal changes

Host: Dean Clifford, co-founder, Great Marlborough Estates

10. Step by step guidance on best practices in sustainable homebuilding

Host: Nicola Haigh, Regional Director London and South East, Lloyds Group

11. Structuring your development project approach to Biodiversity Net Gain

Hosts: Alexis Perry, Commercial Director, Environment Bank • Alexa Culver, General Council, Environment Bank

12. Where is PropTech heading? 3D printed buildings? AR house viewings? And beyond...’

Host: Anna Bollinger, Director and Founder, Appt

13. Managing open space for your community: Using green space to meet both place-making and environmental goals

Host: Alan Carter, Chief Executive Officer, The Land Trust

14. The impact of the Circular Economy on Build to Rent projects from design and construction through to operations

Hosts: Lisa Parnell, Director of BTR New Business Development, Cortland • Iain Murray Senior Director BTR Consultancy (Europe), Cortland Consult

15. Bank funding for housebuilders

Host: Peter Lowe, Head of Housebuilders Corporate Banking Origination, Barclays

16. Planning for consumer behaviour: What can we expect?

Host: Tim Bannister, Director of Property Science and Innovation, Rightmove

17. Where is the Metaverse taking us and what can it actually do?

Hosts: Tom Alexander, Director, Aukett Swanke • Emma Mansfield, Head of Partnerships, Decentraland • Gwendall Esnault, Founder and CEO, Metahood

18. Free discussion: The future of Later Living, unfacilitated and open to your interpretation

19. Free discussion: Politicians and real estate, unfacilitated and open to your interpretation

20. Discussing data and dynamic pricing in BTR and beyond

Hosts: Lee Hill, Director of Residential Capital Markets, JLL • Jon Gittins, Revenue Management, RealPage

Networking Booster Session

NEW: an enhanced networking session designed to make you meet and connect with even more RESi360 leaders!

Fireside Chat: Building a housing company for digital consumers

Resi Newcomer of the Year Winner, Castle Green Homes has taken a truly innovative approach to starting a housing company from scratch. Learn what Castle Green have done to create bespoke design that has yielded the largest Instagram following of any developer in the UK.

Castle Green Homes
Biodiversity Net Gain: Both important and compulsory but what does it mean for the way you do business

All developments need to result in enhanced habitats following the passing of the Environment Bill. Our panel discusses the challenges of leading a business towards sustainability, particularly biodiversity.

We look at change management that addresses the mandatory biodiversity net gain requirement and how best to structure your approach to that obligation.

We’ll address the potential pitfalls along the way and the rewards for success that go beyond compliance.

Commercial Director
Environment Bank
Group Director of Strategy & Planning
Urban and Civic
Principal Consultant - Environment, Planning Advisory Service
Local Government Association
Employee inspiration, attraction, and retention: Are you offering what your workforce want?

Retaining and attracting the best talent in the industry is paramount to a company’s success. As the industry gets to grips with workforce changes caused by Brexit and Covid-19, inflationary pressure on salaries alongside work from home culture, companies need to tangibly demonstrate how they can offer the best professional development.

All In
RESi360 Chair sums up the day’s highlight
Refreshment & Networking

Continue the conversations around refreshments before the RESi360 coaches transport you to our evening networking event at the British Museum. Coaches depart at 18:00

Coaches depart

Coaches heading towards The British Museum will be departing at 6pm sharp. 

18:30  Evening networking event
A Night at the British Museum

The British Museum provides the backdrop for an exquisite evening, starting with a reception in the Egyptian sculpture gallery around the Rosetta Stone and culminating in a dinner under the spectacular glass and steel roof of the Great Court designed by Lord Foster. 

Day 2


Early registration - enjoy tea & coffee refreshments while meeting other delegates.

Chairman’s opening remarks & welcome from the Editor of Property Week
Home Editor
Property Week
True disruption: The cutting edge of community creation

Homes England, said “The Goscombe model has the potential to radically change the way affordable housing is delivered and sustainable communities are created.” Alastair has made it his mission to navigate the ‘zone of tension’ between profit and affordability. Focusing on creating communities and on establishing the authenticity of Goscombe’s mission he reveals the reason you need to reframe your business model. What part does our sector, and your business, play in evolving society through housing? Start your morning on a challenging note and come away with some surprising reasons to change the way you think.

Founder & Director
Goscombe Group
Spotlight on: Sustainable Finance Outlook for the Residential Sector

Delivering sustainable and socially responsible projects – a view from Lloyds Bank to support the development of ESG led projects. 

Regional Director London and South East
Lloyds Group
Managing Director, Head of ESG Finance
Lloyds Bank
From surface car parks and derelict streets, to thriving communities – an English Cities Fund success story

Join The English Cities Fund (ECF) as they discuss how their unique development model takes regeneration where it’s needed most to become a catalyst for renewal, creating vibrant and connected places. Hear about the challenges and successes that brought this project together, and why ECF is so passionate about building momentum and trust in areas, delivering at scale and pace for the benefit of communities.

• Three key ways to build a successful relationship with a local authority

• How sustainable regeneration can be delivered, despite challenging times, while at the same time building trust and transparency within the market

Managing Director
Muse Developments
Director Strat. Dev. & Infrastructure
Homes England
Head of Asset Management
Legal and General Investment Management, Real Assets
Canada Water: Exploring the essential components of a project that adds value to your community and your projects

Using mini-case studies from across the Canada Water development, Symon explains what diversified communities do for your project, and how to invest in them effectively.

“If you want to create a place people want to go to, you can’t just buy it. You need to create it from a community that exists or you risk a ghost town”.

Development Director
British Land
Networking Event & Break

Another opportunity designed to promote engagement and exploration. Continue to connect with industry colleagues and find out more from our partners in the Showcase area.

BTR: Design for operation

Our experts share the latest trends in the BTR demographic and the implications for everything from interiors to technology

UKAA (the UK Apartment Association)
Senior Director BTR
Cortland Consult
Co-Founder and CEO
Angel O’Donnell
CEO & Co-Founder
Spotlight on: Interpreting the implications of biodiversity improvement for the industry

With the introduction of mandatory Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) requirements in November 2023, the Land Trust presents the outcomes of a major study with the LPDF and the HBF. The results will reveal the potential ramifications of this important change for the residential sector, as well as the industry’s current opinion of BNG, its delivery and associated challenges, and the likely balance between on and offsite BNG.

Chief Executive Officer
The Land Trust
Investment session - Your toughest questions answered

RESi360 wraps up with a unique session that reviews the event’s discussions from the viewpoint of finance and investment only. How does what’s been said and debated align with investment trends? Is it what the money is looking for now? Led by a panel of experts from Barclays, Man GPM, Cortland and Aviva Investors, including extended Q&As, this session will aim to explore all your most pressing finance and investment questions!

Head of Real Estate, UK Corporate Banking
Head of Community Housing and Managing Director
Head of Real Estate
Aviva Investors
MD Development & Investment Europe
A view from the RESi360 chair

Mark Easton summarises the key RESi360 insights and shares his personal take on the future of the UK’s residential property market.

Home Editor

13:30 Networking Event

The big RESi360 Lunch
This event's ultimate opportunity to nurture and boost your network. Enjoy another exclusive lunch at our Royal Lancaster HQ before the event wraps up.