Bindi Patel
Bindi Patel
Head of Customer Experience
Vattenfall Heat UK

Bindi Patel is Head of Customer Experience at Vattenfall Heat UK. With over 14 years working in the energy industry, Bindi is a seasoned expert with a passion for putting customers at the heart of everything she does.

At Vattenfall, Bindi is responsible for overseeing the end-to-end customer journey as well as community partnerships, ensuring that the voice of the customer is heard and represented across the business. She firmly believes that the design and delivery of heat network solutions must align with the needs of the client, and tirelessly works to make sure Vattenfall delivers on its promises to customers.

In 2015, Bindi launched Heat Trust, serving as Director and leading the development of new statutory regulation of heat networks which has been instrumental in providing effective customer protection. But Bindi's commitment to customer experience goes well beyond regulatory compliance. She is a driving force behind the ‘Diverse Heat Network’, of which Vattenfall is a founding member. She believes that a workforce should be representative of the communities it serves and that everyone, regardless of background, should have the opportunity to participate in the transition to a low-carbon future.

Bindi also has a deep understanding of the vital importance of community partnerships and education organisations in driving decarbonisation. She works closely with these groups to ensure that Vattenfall's efforts are inclusive so that vulnerable people are not left behind.

In recognition of her contribution to the energy industry, Bindi is a Fellow of the Energy Institute.